Deposit Schemes:

FFC Investment Finance has been providing basic banking services and developing a regular banking habit to the public so that they can get their basic financial rights. The Bank provides the following deposit Schemes with an objective to fulfil the public’s requirements.
Savings deposit:
Your money will be saved with us. A saving account is for depositing our day to day surplus. You can withdraw your money whenever you need it. How to open: You can open an MRB Saving Account by submitting the following documents: Duly filled upped Account opening form (click here to download) Two recent passport size photograph Your KYC documents (click here for KYC details)
What will you get:
Saving account will promote your savings habit. You can earn income by way of saving bank interest. No restriction on the number and amount of deposits but PAN details are required to be furnished for cash transactions exceeding 750,000.