Loan and Advance Schemes

FFC Investment Finance is financing only in Manipur to empower financial strength of our state. It is our objective to accelerate sustainable, equitable and inclusive value addition to rural economy through effective credit support, development and other initiatives. With our complete effort we have been extending our helping hand to empower the strength of rural economy. FFC Investment Finance has the following loan and Advance schemes for our public.
1. Kisan Credit Card (KCC)
2. Overdraft to Farmers
3. Solar Home Lighting
4. Weaver Credit Card (WCC)
5. Loan under Urban Self Employment Program
6. Loan under Venture Capital Fund of NABARD/Diary/Piggery/Fishery etc
7. Farm Mechanisation
8. Cottage, Tiny and Small Industries
9. Business Loan
10. Loan to Transport Operators
11. Housing Loan
12. Professional and Self Employed
13. Personal Loan & Car Loan
14. Consumer Durable Loan
15. Loan against IVP, KVP, LICI policy etc